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Sold Out

29 Nov

Dave Eggers was in town earlier this week talking about his book, What Is the What, newly out in paperback. Sometime last week, I came across a reference to the event online and thought I might like to go. I’ve only ever been to one reading in my life, but I loved Eggers’ memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (which my roommate bought in an airport several years ago and lent to me afterward), so I thought I would enjoy seeing him speak about his work.

I decided to purchase my ticket the day of the event. I showed up at the church where the talk was taking place only to find, to my dismay, that it was 100% sold out. But not before a rather convoluted trajectory around the city summarized as follows: Jane/Bloor to Bloor/Spadina to Queen/John to Danforth by Chester station, then back home to Little Italy.

I was particularly sad to miss Eggers’ presentation because I didn’t know of anyone else planning to attend, so nobody would be able to tell me how it went. I have had to rely on the National Post‘s account instead.  The only good thing that came of the rather failed outing was a brief ride on the subway with someone who had about as much foresight as me in showing up to a bestselling author’s talk sans $5 ticket. It just so happens she is a juggler, and you don’t meet a juggler every day, so that was pretty cool.

I really need to learn my lesson about buying tickets well in advance of an event. I have had next week’s José González show at Mod Club ‘penciled in’ in iCal for at least a month. But I just checked, and it is already sold out.