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Holiday Highlights

7 Jan

The streets of my neighbourhood are dotted with Christmas trees tonight—tomorrow morning is the last day the City picks up those final green remnants of holiday cheer. It’s one way to mark the end of the season.

The holidays were short, but lovely. A few highlights, expressed in weblinks:

“Everyone Welcome”/”A Gift to Be Shared”

10 Dec


This sign belongs to a church (actually, a temple) on College Street that I pass by regularly. I really love it—it’s so crafty and collage-y.

Rather different from the more typical sign outside another neighbourhood church a few blocks north-west. As the message changes often, this one has the virtue of creating intrigue for the passerby—What will it say this week?

Here’s what you’d have come across on a stroll along Ossington Avenue yesterday afternoon.


Halloween in the Neighbourhood

30 Oct


Autumn colours at the local florist


Victims of the Children of the Corn?


All those years bandaged up and entombed… not so good for the eyesight…