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Sneak Peek at Summer in Toronto (Things to look forward to…)

21 May

I spent last summer in Montreal trying desperately to stay focused on completing my thesis. Every day I would be confronted with some terribly tempting cultural event that would pit dedication to the work against fun in the city. (I could stay a few more hours at the library today. Orrrrr I could go see a tipsy Rachid Taha trip over his mic cord at the Jazz Fest. Hmmm. A toss up. —Not!)

Montreal as we know is a premiere summer city – festival after festival, week after week, from the Jazz Fest to Just for Laughs. Best of all, it’s mostly free and it’s mostly outdoors. It’s truly amazing anyone gets anything done from June to September.

Though I hope to make a trip back to Montreal sometime this season, I have to say that summer in Toronto is nothing to sneeze at. My mental calendar is already filling up with ideas of wonderful things to see and do in the months of sweltering heat that await. Here are some summer venues and upcoming events worth getting excited about.






There are many more of course – feel free to add!

Holiday Highlights

7 Jan

The streets of my neighbourhood are dotted with Christmas trees tonight—tomorrow morning is the last day the City picks up those final green remnants of holiday cheer. It’s one way to mark the end of the season.

The holidays were short, but lovely. A few highlights, expressed in weblinks:

Sold Out

29 Nov

Dave Eggers was in town earlier this week talking about his book, What Is the What, newly out in paperback. Sometime last week, I came across a reference to the event online and thought I might like to go. I’ve only ever been to one reading in my life, but I loved Eggers’ memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (which my roommate bought in an airport several years ago and lent to me afterward), so I thought I would enjoy seeing him speak about his work.

I decided to purchase my ticket the day of the event. I showed up at the church where the talk was taking place only to find, to my dismay, that it was 100% sold out. But not before a rather convoluted trajectory around the city summarized as follows: Jane/Bloor to Bloor/Spadina to Queen/John to Danforth by Chester station, then back home to Little Italy.

I was particularly sad to miss Eggers’ presentation because I didn’t know of anyone else planning to attend, so nobody would be able to tell me how it went. I have had to rely on the National Post‘s account instead.  The only good thing that came of the rather failed outing was a brief ride on the subway with someone who had about as much foresight as me in showing up to a bestselling author’s talk sans $5 ticket. It just so happens she is a juggler, and you don’t meet a juggler every day, so that was pretty cool.

I really need to learn my lesson about buying tickets well in advance of an event. I have had next week’s José González show at Mod Club ‘penciled in’ in iCal for at least a month. But I just checked, and it is already sold out.

Spacing – Fall 2007 ‘Green’ issue

28 Nov

The new Spacing is out! Go get it! Or attend the launch party in Toronto’s east end on Monday, December 3rd—admission includes the new issue. Details here.

Halloween in the Neighbourhood

30 Oct


Autumn colours at the local florist


Victims of the Children of the Corn?


All those years bandaged up and entombed… not so good for the eyesight…

Three shows, one night…

16 Oct

Looking for an excuse to go out this coming Saturday, October 20? Here’s three.


Marinda Lavut: Lua Sol Showcase, The Press Club, 850 Dundas Street West, 8 p.m., free.


Greenbelt Collective with special friends: Sneaky Dee’s, 431 College Street, 8 p.m., cover.


M.I.A., Kool Haus, 132 Queens Quay East, 9 p.m., $25.

Anyone got tips on how to be in three places at once?